About us Company Introduction

The Junma brand

was established since 1996

the Sino-Junma Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Ltd
was incorporated in 2012.

Junma focuses on the development, design, manufacturing and services of high-end petroleum equipment, invented the world's first "Thrice Through, Modular Type, Integrated" oilfield steam generator. Developed the world's first automatic petroleum equipment production line. The automated production line ensures the quality of the product as well as the massive production capacity which is 1.6 billion USD annually. Besides, the manufacturing period is shortened to 12 working days.

The main products of Junma includes but not limited to oilfield steam generators, three-phase separators, industrial heaters and boilers. The products mentioned above had already been shipped to different countries.

Junma Industrial Park is located in the Yellow River Delta Economic Development Zone, which covers 54.4 acresThe industrial park is composed by manufacturing plants, Junma Plaza and multi-functional recreational area. The new Junma Industrial Park is international, modern and scale, a new kingdom of petroleum equipment industry will rise in the world.

  • Honor and qualification

    Class A Boiler Manufacturing License, ISO9001 certification and many other related licenses.

  • Our Innovation

    World's first automatic petroleum equipment production line.

  • Our Team

    Domain domestic market, Nourish global vision