Products & technology Steam Generator set

JM-YZG Steam Generator Set

The world's first set of "three through, modular, integrated" steam generator.

4 Invention patents, 11 Patents for utility models

Thermal efficiency increased

by 6.2%

The product size reduced

of 1/3

Maintenance cost reduced

by 50%

JM-YZG steam generator

JM-YZG steam generator is the professional equipment for heavy crude oil extraction. The working principle is turning the softened deoxygenating water into qualified saturated steam of high-temperature and high-pressure with 80% dryness (through heat by fuel combustion), then injecting into the oil reservoirs.

Over the past decade, Junma Group successfully established the research and development team, design team and technical team. Through long-term cooperation with China University of Petroleum, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute and many other professional organizations, Junma has successfully achieved structural innovation, artistic innovation, control innovation and met the requirements of users as well as recognized by customers worldwide.